Earn as much as $1,200 in crypto bonuses as you complete tasks.

Earn $ 200 for deposits of $25,000 in contract trading.

Receive 300 Hubiex coin token for deposits of $ 5000 minimum.

Buy 100,000 Hubiex token for a prelaunch price of $ 15,000 at 0.15 per token.

Hubiex Token will be launched at the price of $ 0.4 after the prelaunch

1. Register an account

2. Complete the task you choose

3. Earn Hubiex Rewards

First Deposit

The first deposit to the contract trading
account will get a coupon valued at 10%
of the Deposited amount

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Refer a friend

Refer your friend to Hubiex and you both will earn $ 10 each on their first deposit.

Liquidity Farming

Add Liquidity to the Hubiex token and earn double

Hubiex Pool

Connect to the pool to mine excellent rewards

Hubiex Savings

Special crypto savings account for you

Hubiex Stake

Simple staking
Better returns